Anesidora – beautiful Pandora client for Mac

Anesidora, the simples, most beautiful Pandora Radio player for Mac. Like and dislike songs; create, edit and delete stations. Enjoy Last.fm integration and song notifications. Full Pandora Radio experience without ads. Built-in Last.fm scrobbler. Built-in proxy. Built-in lyrics. Anesidora pauses music when your computer sleeps and doesn’t resume on wake. It recovers from errors and picks up the song right where playback left off. macOS 10.12.2 Sierra required.


Anesidora for Mac

easy to use, minimalistic and beautiful app for listening to Pandora Radio on a Mac






Full Pandora radio Experience

You can create an account, search for and create new stations, edit existing stations, love or ban tracks and many more.


Built-in Last.fm scrobbler

Best in class Last.fm scrobbler. No duplicates, no missing tracks. You can integrate Pandora with Last.fm, so the loved Pandora tracks will be automatically loved on Last.fm


Built-in proxy

The app detects if you're outside the United States and automatically applies a proxy, so every feature of Pandora is available to you. 
Have your own proxy? No problem – you can change it in the app preferences.


Built for Mac

Anesidora feels right at home on macOS with its beautiful and simple interface, animations, support for Retina Displays and Notification Center. You can pause or change tracks with multimedia keys on the keyboard or use a remote on your headphones. You can set up global hotkeys to like, ban a track and bring the player in front of other apps. 
Have the AirPods? The app will automatically pause the music if you take one of them out of your ear.


Small footprint

Compared to Pandora web player, Anesidora has over 4x lower memory usage. It's also more power efficient.



Anesidora will automatically search and download lyrics for your songs.





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