Behind the Mac


Quentin Carnicelli, in "On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware":

At the time of the writing, with the exception of the $5,000 iMac Pro, no Macintosh has been updated at all in the past year. Here are the last updates to the entire line of Macs:

iMac Pro: 182 days ago

iMac: 374 days ago

MacBook: 374 days ago

MacBook Air: 374 days ago

MacBook Pro: 374 days ago

Mac Pro: 436 days ago

Mac Mini: 1337 days ago

Worse, most of these counts are misleading, with the machines not seeing a true update in quite a bit longer. The Mac Mini hasn’t seen an update of any kind in almost 4 years (nor, for that matter, a price drop). The once-solid Mac Pro was replaced by the dead-end cylindrical version all the way back in 2013, which was then left to stagnate. I don’t even want to get started on the MacBook Pro’s questionable keyboard, or the MacBook’s sole port (USB-C which must also be used to provide power).

And 2014 top-of-the-line Mac Mini was slower than top-spec model from 2012. It was perceived as a downgrade and a hostile move to force some pro user to switch to iMac or Mac Pro.

I like those ads a lot. Hopefully we will see new Macs soon.