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simple to use, yet powerful music controller with Last.fm scrobbler for iTunes and Spotify that is light, super reliable and can help you with discovering new music


NepTunes for Mac

simple to use, yet powerful music controller with Last.fm scrobbler for iTunes and Spotify that is light, super reliable and can help you with discovering new music






iTunes and Spotify controller

Change volume. Love track. Pause/Play. Find lyrics. Share to Twitter nad Facebook. All from beautiful artwork on your Desktop.


Last.fm scrobbler

Modern, stable, reliable. No duplicates, no missing tracks. Fully supported Apple Music and Spotify. Runs great on macOS El Capitan and newer


Offline mode

No Internet connection? Don't worry. NepTunes will remember all tracks that should be scrobbled and will try to scrobble them when the Internet connection is back. With appropriate time of scrobble for each track.



You're listening a new artist and you're curious about similar music? It's available just two clicks away! And with custom keyboard shortcuts you can find it just by pressing keys on the keyboard.



NepTunes remembers up to 15 tracks, that you played recently and can open Apple Music, Spotify and Last.fm page for each track.



Tweet, share on Facebook - with tags and link to Apple Music or Spotify. Copy link to Apple Music or Spotify, copy artist and track name. And search for lyrics on Google. All two clicks away.



You can download NepTunes source code here.





Does NepTunes support offline scrobbling?

Yep! Like a champ from version 1.0. Don't know what version you have? Go to the Applications folder on your Mac, select NepTunes and choose "Get Info" from File menu.


When NepTunes scrobbles a track?

By default after listening at least half of the duration of the track. But you can change it in Preferences.


Does NepTunes support scrobbling from devices?

Well no, and I don't have plans to implement this kind of functionality. There is a reason why it's so buggy in official Last.fm client – it's super hard to make it. Imagine iTunes, connected to cloud where devices remotely updates library with no support from Apple, which means that it can broke after any iTunes or macOS update. That's why I don't want to touch it. It wouldn't be reliable. 


I'm listening music from iTunes, I've launched NepTunes and it doesn't see any track. Why?

For sure you're streaming music from Apple Music or from Apple Music Radio. It's related to bug in iTunes, but NepTunes will get next track or you can pause and then unpause music. If Apple will fix this issue with next release of iTunes, the problem will disappear.


I can't log in with my Last.fm credentials.

You can always reset password on Last.fm website.


Does NepTunes scrobble Beats 1 (or any Internet radio)?

Unfortunately it's not technically possible.


It would be nice to have shuffle/repeat button on music controller

Due to bug in iTunes (version 11 and newer) it's not technically possible.


Overlay with controls on cover is gray, not transparent like on screenshots.

You have "Reduce transparency" enabled in OS X Preferences. To turn it off go to System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display and uncheck "Reduce transparency".


I didn't found answer here or I've found a bug in NepTunes.

Here is the issue tracker, where you can find every issue I know about or create a new one :)




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